Big Data Course

Big Data is a cluster of massive information assets that general database management systems cannot process. This is a very promising and upcoming field that will certainly open up many opportunities in the near future. That along with knowledge of Hadoop will greatly boost your skill set! Learn Big Data and Hadoop at Creative Mines to stay one step ahead of the curve.

Big Data Course¬†syllabus –

  • Basic Functions of Big Data
  • Introduction to Hadoop
  • Vmware
  • Components and services of Hadoop
  • PIG Data types and components
  • Filtering and Transforming Data
  • Advanced overview: Apache Spark
  • Executing Flume Actions
  • Setting Up MapReduce

Why us?

We are one of the very few institutes providing a Big Data and Hadoop course. By getting trained at Creative Mines, you can stay one step ahead of time by mastering a skill that is soon to come into prominence.