PHP Course

The very fact that PHP is an open source scripting language that can be embedded with HTML makes it easy for many people to execute and implement it. It is also extensively demanded due to its flexible nature. Learn the PHP course at Creative Mines to know PHP scripting like the back of your hand. With us, not knowing a scripting language is no issue at all!

PHP Course syllabus-

  • Introduction to PHP
  • Expressions and Variables in PHP
  • Configuring PHP
  • Utilizing PHP for HTTP headers
  • Creating and Destroying sessions
  • Basics of RDBMS
  • Implementing MYSQL
  • Handling and managing Cookies
  • Working on live projects

Why us?

The PHP experts at Creative Mines make this scripting language exceedingly simple for you, so much so that a person having no knowledge of any coding languages too can start off with the basics and become well-accustomed to it in a short period of time.