Web Designing Course

The unique ability to create attractive websites has a major demand in the market. And with the advent of digitization of the marketing field, the need keeps increasing. Learn the best Web Designing course in Mumbai at Creative Mines to be an expert at understanding and meeting a client’s expectations as far as website’s appearance and overall look is concerned.


Course syllabus-

  • Introduction to browsers
  • Text formatting
  • Layout Formatting
  • Working with tabs
  • Working with Links
  • Images in designing: Photoshop
  • Web animation for Web Design
  • Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets
  • Converting PSD to CSS

Why us?

It’s an arduous process to learn web designing but we make it intriguing for you. We start of from the very basics and progress with gradual understanding, making this course at creative Mines the best Web Design course in Mumbai.